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Work & Play is the name of the podcast founded in March of 2014 by Todd & Joshua, who recorded the inaugural episode in Todd's front yard at the bread forge. Subject tend to swing from Spell Saga, to other games like GrowthBreaker & EPIOCH. As early as episode 5 the show began to shift toward inclusion of artistic lifestyle, featuring interviews with family and friends. Each episode is produced using an iPhone for recording, and ("quite often a ten year old mac") for editing. The method is a conscientious choice to keep the talks raw and as close to design sessions as possible.

Season 1

The first season was recorded from march 2014 to December of that year. The timeline starts at three months after the failed Kickstarter of 2013, and follows through the eventual 2014 overfunding and release of Deck 2: The Forest for PnP just before Christmas Day. A bonus episode features a conversation between Todd and his Father.

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Episode 01: Three Months Later...

Todd and Josh discuss how life has changed since the Kickstarter, and where Spell Saga stands now during the launch of the podcast, forum & website.

Special Guest: Meagen Crawford

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Episode 02: Seeds on the Horizon?! Shine Brightly Game Makers!

Todd and Josh discuss the new tabletop novel Josh has been working on since November, revealing the title, concept and ideas it.

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Episode 03: Haunted Memories: Live in Houses: Burn Brightly

Todd & Paxson of Ashgarden discuss a game they've been working on since 1996, reminisce about how they met, and detail shared memories of a dread home known as The Hollow.

Special Guest: Ellie The Dog

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Episode 04: Room of Echoes

Josh sits Todd down to play through GrowthBreaker and work out the plot and mechanics of this new Tabletop Novel.

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Episode 05: Lost Brother, Returned! Prodigal Players Reminisce

The reason people design games is just as important as how they design them. Todd has an unexpected conversation with his brother Sam about why they haven't been close since they were children.

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Episode 06: Enter Artist: Lauren: Tinfoil Reception, Here We Go!

Super cousins Todd and Lauren discuss the traumatic experience of Art Itself. They also share details of the time they drove to visit the musician Radical Face in the murder capital of America. Special Guests: Just Tyler & Mattie Rogers

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Episode 07: The Silence is Broken/Deck 2 is Here!

After 1 month, the podcast returns! Josh and Todd talk about what they've been DECK 2 DECK 2 DECK 2 DECK 2 DECK 2 DECK 2 DECK 2 DECK 2 DECK 2.

Special Guests: The Poet Matt Johnstone & Ellie the Dog

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Episode 08: Todd and Paxson Summon Spell: Come Forth, Mighty Sakroka! He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Gamed!

Finally. Paxson of Ashgarden makes his triumphant return to the podcast to join Todd in a talk with their friend Sakroka, a founding father of both Spell Saga and Epoch.

Special Guests: Amy Hood & the kids!

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Episode 09: Memory of the South! Translations of the East?

Nathan & Todd talk about the translation of Spell Saga into Japanese, as well as how Nathan was instrumental in anyone playing the game in any language at all! (also about how Todd almost ruined it because he hated Nathan's hair).

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Episode 10: Sourceror

Josh and Todd sit down together to figure out the mechanics for Spell Saga: Sourceror. This is ice coffee drug rush occult murmuring game design not for the faint or feint of heart!

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Episode 11: End Forthcoming: Part One: Sakroka in The Forest

Todd drives way too far away to visit Sakroka and get his reactions on the changes to Deck Two since he played it three years ago.

Special Guest: Amy Hood

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Episode 12: End Forthcoming: Part Two: Cousin Lauren Across and Away

Cousin Lauren and Todd get together to talk about art and how it feels to find success with Spell Saga after years of working on it. (warning every Avatar: Legend of Korra spoiler available).

Special Guest: Ellie The Dog

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Episode 13: End Forthcoming: Part Three: Lunch with Paxson of Ashgarden

With one week left on the successful Kickstarter, Todd & Paxson of Ashgarden get together to discuss their thoughts on having fans, heartbreak, personal frustrations, Chinese food, future plans, and the fear of settling into mediocrity. Our best episode?

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Episode 14: The End is Here!

Join Todd Michael Rogers, Joshua Rizzo and Paxson of Ashgarden from a well groomed living room as they celebrate anniversaries, endings, and success. This is the end of Season One.

Special Guest: You, for listening!

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Holiday Special

Episode 15: French Toast Christmas Special 2014

Todd interviews his Dad about quitting music as they walk through Beverly Hills the day after Christmas.

Special Guest: The Last of The Christmas Spirit

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Season Two

The second season was recorded from March 2015 (released the following May) to May 2016. It starts six months after the funding of the 2014 Kickstarter and continues through to the first shipment of card from the manufacturer.


S2 ~ Episode 01: Six Months Later...


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S2 ~ Episode 02: Straight Up Shawp Talk

Joshua & Todd talk about designing under constraint. Plus: Spell Saga: Prelude Deck spoilers, and an update on GrowthBreaker! Special Guest: Jonny Rizzo

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S2 ~ Episode 03: A Crucial Conversation

Todd sits down with Schuylar Croom, singer of the band "He is Legend", to explain how he ended up a minstrel named Penny Haggard in Todd's game.

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S2 ~ Episode 04: New Language Launch 1 Road Trip to Casa De La Sakroka

Todd & Joshua drive "The Hour and a Half it Always Takes" to go and visit Sakroka. Along the way they talk about the Spell Saga NEW Language Launch, Joshua's new game GrowthBreaker, & the crippling horror of depression

Special Guest: The sound of a terrible car!

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S2 ~ Episode 05: New Language Launch 2 Let's Play The Prelude

Todd sits down with Sakroka, Josh, and to play through the new Spell Saga Prelude Deck!

Special Guest: Amy and The Kids!

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S2 ~ Bonus Episode ~ Game Gabbin

Todd talks games with Joshua, Sakroka & Amy.

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S2 ~ Episode 06: Meagen the Artist

Todd sits down with the artist Meagen Crawford--oh he's also married to her too. Check it out. Special Guest: Ellie The Dog

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S2 ~ Episode 07: Chinese 2: Super Buffet

Todd has not seen Paxson of Ashgarden in 9 months. They talk about why and PROTOTYPE CARDS ARE HERE ARE HERE ARE HERE

Special Guest: an overhead radio, please don't sue us Elton John!

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S2 ~ Bonus Episode ~ Prologue to Epoch Forming

Todd & Paxson of Ashgarden end their Chinese Food with plans for their next game, EPOCH.

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S2 ~ Episode 08: The Horizon Arrives: Joshua the GrowthMaker

Todd asks Joshua questions about how and why he made GrowthBreaker, just before the official preview release!

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S2 ~ Episode 09: Epoch Forming 0 Nine Years Ago?! A Cross Continental Hello!

Todd talks to Epoch artist Weshoyot Alvitre over the phone for the first time since meeting her online nine years ago. A thrilling conversation about art, nerves, and the importance of heritage. And emo culture.

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S2 ~ Episode 10: Cousin Lauren: ThE ReTuRn!!!

Todd calls Cousin Lauren, who has just received the Prototype cards!

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S2 ~ Episode 11: Realmwalker//Joshcast

Joshua is forced to watch Todd play through a game of Spell Saga ~ realmwalker ~ prelude: science//armor//romance. Many funs are had. I should not write these at 3 in the morning. Oh happy American Thanksgiving. If your into that sort of thing. I like the food and family and the parade but not so much the unfair and manipulative historical inaccuracy.

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S2 ~ Episode 12: EPIOCH FORMING kill them all

Todd & Joshua sit down with (new french toast co. kid) jaSon to go through the EPIOCH hero cards and make each one special. Pt. 1 of a 3 part series. Special Guest: the ghost of the black out drunk ramblings we cut from the episode!

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S2 ~ Episode 13: EPIOCH FORMING kill them all

Todd & Joshua sit down with (new french toast co. kid) jaSon to go through the EPIOCH spell cards and make each one special. Pt. 2 of a 3 part series.

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