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Spell Saga is currently available to be enjoyed by printing at home or at your local overpriced printer. We offer the following decks in several languages. Please note that Spell Saga in Italian is brought to us by our friends at Fever Games, and any link to the files will be found through their website.

Deck 0 The Prelude

This 25 card deck is the true beginning of The Last Minstrel's story, but a word of caution: This part of the story is considered advanced, and is meant to be enjoyed after the first few play throughs of Deck One: The Highlands.


Deck One: The Highlands

THIS IS IT! The Highlands mark the first act of an epic possibly never-ending journey for The Last Minstrel to discover his purpose after the world has ended. You'll be joined by other heroes along the journey, from a lost pixie or a lonely lover, to perhaps (if you're lucky) a lone paladin. Along the way you'll use powerful items such as the rusted revolver, the magic stone, and the copper rose to stay alive as you search the world for answers. Just remember this: Spell Saga isn't a game, or a book, it's both, and the oly thing you need to reach the end is your wits and a sense of exploration. Or you'll die by the hand of a feckle-knacker, who knows.

Italian(published by Fever Games)


Deck Two: The Forest

English (available in the Spell Saga digital store)