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Spell Saga is a card based tabletop novel. The story of the novel spans several decks of cards and various ages. At the center of these are five decks that form the story of The Last Minstrel, and are meant to be played in consecutive order (this is referred to as the main game or story of Spell Saga). Other decks include the Realmwalker line of products, which take place in the same world and share certain heroes, but whose story is considered finished at the end of the deck. For this reason, Realmwalker decks take can be played in any order, and take place at various times before and after the main story of Spell Saga.

Each game of Spell Saga takes place in a world past its ending. This is a one player solo-style game with magical items, mysterious party members, & dangerous battles. There is no grinding for levels, as the game is built to have you grow as you explore the world & story. The major acts of any Spell Saga are always the same, but how you get there--and IF you get there, is up to you. The player will start with several marked "starting cards" and continue the game by drawing cards and putting them in the correct "piles". These piles of cards are organized in specific ways to represent places to visit, items of Interest, and other pieces of the hero's story and history of the world.

The game can only progress by drawing new cards. The main mechanic of drawing cards is only possible by visiting places. The player will work their way through each deck, pulling new cards and placing them in the correct pile. Of course, many cards will be used to twist the rules of the game, and each deck can only be solved with a combination of these twists. As Players encounter obstacles such as enemies and lack of source (in-game currency used to play cards) they'll find themselves digging deeper into the deck, finding new pieces of the story, until the full plot is revealed.


(See also: Spell Saga - History of Development)

The game was written and created by Todd Michael Rogers. The game was illustrated by his cousin Lauren Rogers, and developed with her and his friends Sakroka, Josh Rizzo, & Paxson of Ashgarden. (see French Toast Gaming Co.) The game itself was originally conceived in December of 2009, and not shown to the public until January of 2013. During this time French Toast Gaming Co. developed a s small online community of interested players who helped support the game during its inaugural launch on Kickstarter during the fall of 2013. Although the game did not ultimately meet its funding, a larger community was created which led to the creation of both The Weatherguard/Weather Reports and the infamous Plan (B)ulletproof. These were a fan club/newsletter & alternate launch plan for the game.

Although a demo of 99 cards was available during the 2013 (failed) Kickstarter as a Print & Play (PnP), the files for the game were taken down in January of 2014 to be polished for it's actual release. In October of 2014 the game was funded in under two weeks during the 2014 Kickstarter, during which PnP files of the final 100 card Deck One: The Highlands were made available. In December of that year, Deck Two: The Forest was released for PnP, the first time a Spell Saga deck was sold for immediate digital purchase. The Following August found The Prelude Deck available for PnP during the 2015 New Language Launch Kickstarter, as well as both Portuguese and German editions of Deck One, with an Italian edition soon to follow. In December of 2015 the very first Spell Saga realmwalker deck was released on both PnP & gamecrafter.

After nearly two years of manufacturing woes, the first editions of Deck One: The Highlands, with 75 bonus cards, 6 holofoils and The Prelude Deck were finished in Hong Kong and airshipped to The Bread Forge, to await distribution to previous Kickstarter backers. During this time, Deck Two: The Forest was announced for actual printing, and will be made available with the seocnd edition of the game (featuring new box art).


Spell Saga is a standalone novel that sits in the very center of a much larger story. Following the adventures of The Last Minstrel in decks Prelude through endlude, players are invited to start the journey of The Lost Singer, in Spell Saga ~ The Epilogue. The Minstrel and The Singer are both considered the main focus of Spell Saga as a whole. The other decks and novellas are known under the banner of Spell Saga: Realmwalker. These shorter and often more advanced games explain more about the history of the world, both before and after the time of decks prelude through endlude. There are a planned total of seven Realmwalker titles, each incorporating elements necessary to understanding the entire story. As of 2015, there are also several handmade decks announced for future release, a prose novel set in the earliest records of the story, and several decks that go in between and during the minstrel's tale.

Spell Saga ~ Before The World Ended (upcoming prose novel)

Spell Saga ~ Realmwalker ~ Prelude: Science//Armor//Romance (PnP December 2015)

Spell Saga ~ Untitled Realmwalker

Spell Saga ~ Realmwalker ~ Meow-Meow: rainbow maker? forgive me!

Spell Saga ~ Realmwalker ~ Battle. Wound. Lick. Rust.

Spell Saga ~ Realmwalker ~ Strangers. Find Them Hidden.

Spell Saga ~ The Prelude (PnP July 2015) (Physical Edition Summer 2016)

Spell Saga ~ Summon Boxes (PnP Summer 2016 - Summer 2017)

Spell Saga ~ Deck One: The Highlands (PnP October 2014)(Physical Edition Summer 2016)

Spell Saga ~ Deck 1.5 The Undersky (PnP Summer 2016)

Spell Saga ~ Deck Two: The Forest (PnP December 2014)(Physical Edition Winter 2016/17)

Spell Saga ~ Deck 2.5 The Heart of The Roots

Spell Saga ~ Deck Three: The Caves (PnP Winter 2016/17)

Spell Saga ~ The Endlude

Spell Saga ~ The Epilogue

Spell Saga ~ Realmwalker ~ Finale pt. 1

Spell Saga ~ Realmwalker ~ Finale pt. 2

Rules of Game

Spell Saga Rulebook

Spell Saga ~ Realmwalker Rulebook

Collectible Content

Special card with optional art or brand new rules are often given through various channels, including the Kickstarter, The Weather Report, or special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. For a complete list of these cards and how to use them, please see: Special Cards

Holofoil Heavenlies

Special 3 card packs designed to enhance the game of Spell Saga were offered originally during the game's month long venture on Kickstarter. For a list of these cards, including how to play them, please see: Collectible Content.